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Calls in January

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           Calls in January

01-02-09          St. 83 responded to  Merdith Rd. For a Garbage truck that hit a house. On Eng 3 and 8301 arrival there was a garbage truck that had kicked out of gear and ran into a mobile home, 83 personnel inspected the structure, and 8301 advised the home owner that they needed to have a professional inspector to take a look at the structure,  cause some support blocks were broken. 83 command terminated.

01-11-09          St. 83 responded to Lake Rd. to assist med-unit for a Female who was unconscious and not breathing, on 83 unit 1 the woman had a paulse and was semi conscious, 83 personnel helped assist the med-unit, 83 command terminated.

01-22-09         St.93 (Big Sandy) asked for mutual aid for St. 83  for a Vehicle Fire close to a resident on Cherrywood Drive, 83 perssonel helped assist St.93 by putting out the fire. 83 command terminated.

01-08-09          St. 83 responded to Alley Branch Rd. for a Structure Fire, St. 83 asked for mutual aid from station 93 (Big Sandy) and St. 94 (Cannonsburg), On 83 Eng 8 arrival there was smoke showing, the residents of the house had put the fire out upon entry,The fire was in the back bedroom a candle had started the fire,   St.93 was code 4, St. 94 brought the Thermal Imaging Camera inside to look for hot spots, the fire was out and no hot spot was located in the walls or ceiling, St 94 was released by St.83, St. 83 did overhaul,  83 command terminated.

01-18-09          St. 42 (Catlettsburg) asked for mutual aid from St. 83 (England Hill), St.93 (Big Sandy), St. 100 (Kenova), For a Structure Fire on Valley Street. 83 perssonel helped assist Catlettsburg with the fire, They needed no water assistance, 83 command terminated.

01-22-09          St. 83 responded to Alley Branch Rd. for a woman who was unresponsive, on 83 units arrival  the woman was alert,  their was no assistance needed. 83 command terminated.

01-08-09          St. 83 was on the structure fire call on Alley Brach and got toned out for a call on Callihan Rd.for a 24yr old female who had overdosed,  8301 asked St. 94 (Cannonsburg) for mutual aid  to respond to the call, 83 command terminated.

01-21-09          St. 83 responded to Cannonsburg Rd. for a missing child, While enroute Boyd Co. Sheriff avised that the child was found, and they needed no assistance, 83 command terminated.


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