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Calls in August

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           Calls in August

08-01-08       St. 83 responded to Mocking Bird Trail. to a power pole on fire, On eng 3 arrival there was a power pole on fire that had burned the pole into, 83 personnal stood by for AEP to arrive, No assistance was needed from St. 83, 83 command terminated

08-25-08       St.83 responded to Twin Fork Rd. For a patient who was laying in the driveway, On Eng 3 arrival there was a patient laying in driveway who had been ran over by a bobcat, The patient had possible femur fracture,  Eng 3 personnal assist the med-unit with patient and Easy 1 took LZ command, patient was loading in air medicial, 83 command terminated.

08-02-08       St. 83 responded to Paddle Creek Rd. for a power line down, 83 personnal stood by for AEP to arrive on scene, AEP needed no assistance, 83 command terminated.

08-25-08       St. 83 responded to Cantrell lane, for a brush fire, on Eng 9 arrival the brush fire was a controlled burn, 83 command talked to the residents, 83 commmand terminated.

08-20-08        St. 83 responded to Kings Daughters outreach center, to a vehicle that was leaking liquids, on Eng 3 arrival there was a vehicle that had hit a rock in the road and punctured the gas tank, eng 3 personnal cleaned the fluids up, 83 commman terminated.

08-27-08       St .83 responded to Johnson's Fork Rd. ON Eng 3 arrival there was a power pole on the ground with lines across the road, Eng 3 personnel cleared the roadway, 83 command terminated.

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